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You want to make sure the most important years of your life are worry free. Get help with tough questions and make sure you are covered in retirement. Take the following self-assessment and contact Robbins-Farley today to review your current financial situation.

What are the major concerns of a retiree or soon-to-be retiree?

Many retirees or soon-to-be retirees ask us: 

  1. When do I take Social Security?

  2. If I have a defined benefit pension, what are my options?

  3. What are my Medicare options, and do I need supplemental health insurance?

  4. How do I handle long-term care needs?

  5. Will I run out of money before I die?

  6. I have more than enough money for my retirement needs; how do my best take care of my children, grandchildren and charitable organizations in which I’m interested.

Entrepreneur or partner in a professional organization:

  1. How to do I transition my ownership?

  2. I want my ownership to be transferred to my children – – how do I accomplish that?

  3. I want my ownership to be transferred to an ESOP?-- How do I accomplish that?

  4. What professionals do I need to prepare for business succession?

Lifestyle concerns:

  1. Do I sell my house and downsize?

  2. Do I sell my house and join a CCRC or other type of retirement community?

  3. I like to travel – – does that affect my medical or Medicare coverage?

  4. Can I continue to work or consult part-time or full-time?

Estate planning concerns:

  1. Do I need eldercare planning?

  2. How do trusts, REITs, family partnerships affect my planning?

  3. How do my financial advisor, my estate planning attorney, my accountant and my insurance agent collaborate with me on my estate plan?

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