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We are Robbins Farley, LLC based in Bedford, New Hampshire. As financial advisors we are committed to each client and their important values, goals, and interests.

Your success is our most important benchmark. We believe that the stronger the connection we have to you, the better we can add value as your financial advisors. That’s why we make a commitment to each client and are there to assist you with personalized wealth planning for your lifetime. We are dedicated to consistently providing the following qualities:

Fiduciary Duty- Independent advisors are held to a fiduciary standard, the highest standard of care under law, which requires them to always act in your best financial interest. In order to do this effectively, they need to understand and take a holistic view of your total financial picture, providing full and fair disclosure of any pertinent facts.By contrast, broker-dealers abide by a suitability standard, which requires them to understand their clients’ risk tolerance and financial situations and to recommend only products that are typically suitable within a given transaction. This means that broker-dealers are permitted to recommend suitable products that may pay them a higher commission over another suitable yet less expensive product. Knowing that you and your goals always come first can help provide peace of mind. Plus, you know that independent advisors will look beyond the immediacy of a single investment decision to understand how each piece of the puzzle supports your long-term financial goals.

Direct Access - The cornerstone of our service model is direct access to your portfolio managers. We believe wealth comes from owning positive cash flow, profitable, growing businesses with strong depth of management.  We believe in tax efficient investing—defined as income from long term capital gains and qualified dividends.  We use economic forecasting to signal times in which risk in owning stock is increasing and to signal when risk in investment opportunities is decreasing.  Our diversification methodology utilizes growth diversification, sector diversification, and market capitalization diversification to help reduce portfolio volatility.

​Team Approach - We combine our years of experience and multi-generational perspectives to help you achieve your goals. When requested, we can work with your other professional advisors, or we can recommend a professional (i.e., CPA, attorney, or insurance agent) for your consideration.

Client Education - We are committed to ongoing financial education to help empower you and provide knowledge and insights to help promote positive financial behaviors and outcomes.

Transparency - Through ongoing meetings, ad-hoc conversations, online access and monthly statements, you can always see what investments you own, how they are allocated and their performance. Additionally, our transparent fee structure ensures there are no hidden charges.

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